So… This is Happening Again!

Hello readers!

I took a not-necessarily-brief hiatus from writing under the yellow sideways pineapple to launch a new section on BuzzFeed called Shift. It’s full of inspiring stories; fancy cats; Beyonce clothing commentary (okay fine: it’s not commentary so much as PRAISE because I’m Beyonce biased); analysis about the intersection of the internet, pop culture, and feminism; and much more.

I hope you’ve been reading and enjoying Shift and apologies for the recent technical difficulties at and absence from this space lately! More posts about nothing in particular coming soon.

Oh and I guess I could say something about Raf Simons’s debut Dior Couture collection so that this post is actually ABOUT something?

1. I found it appealingly simple yet awkward enough to be interesting.

2. After spending my Sunday evening at a Fourth of July party where one of the female guests wore three outfits that all perplexingly managed to display her entire lower ass, I have to say that anyone who’s encouraging ladies to wear MORE PANTS these days is a good thing.

3. Who am I to scoff at a tie-dyed couture ballgown? It’s like they’re trying to get a Dior-inspired infographic trend on the DIY Pinterest boards. (Another fantastic recent attempt of trying to get an unexpected craft project trending is here.)

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One Response to So… This is Happening Again!

  1. Ah! I’m behind on the couture news and this is the first I have seen from Raf. I followed you from The Cut and have been reading your BuzzFeed posts. I will have to check out Shift!

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